Fear of Social-Distancing

The coronavirus has certainly been the talk of the day. Opening our inboxes to find email after email about the measures being taken. The news is all about how many cases there are today and what can we do to prevent the spread.

One Recommendation: social distancing

This is what scares me most. In a time where people are already so disconnected, our youth are on their phones and social media more than they are with their friends. Anxiety in a world full of fear has people becoming more and more disconnected all the time. Now….with the fear of the mass spreading of the coronavirus, many cities, states, provinces have recommended social distancing. Even Starbucks has sent out an email stating that when necessary there will be limited seating inside their cafes to help with social distancing, recommending more ordering online and picking up in store and discouraging the social aspect of “having coffee”. Understandable.


Yoga events such as Wanderlust festivals have been cancelled for the year. Kripalu institute has been closed for 6 weeks. This brings me such sadness. At a time when the world needs more connection we are being forced to disconnect. Understandable, given the circumstances.


Yoga is about connection. Connecting mind and body; body and breath; people to people in community. As we look down at our phones and less into the faces of our loved ones, we slowly become more and more disconnected.

Online yoga classes, virtual courses, workshops and events open up a world of possibility, yes. Also, opens up a world of disconnection to people.

What can we do to strengthen connection to people, to our communities now, when the world is experiencing a state of disconnection ? How will we heal ourselves, as a community, and as a world, when this scare is behind us? What can we do to strengthen connection to our loved ones and friends?

I wish you all good health and peace of mind during this time, and always. I wish you all the love and companionship to fulfill your needs. I wish you all the ability to stay connected to your people during this time.

In light ✨ and love 💛 always

Published by Happylemonyogi

I have been teaching yoga since 2014. With over 5000 hours of teaching and sharing this journey with seekers like you! Pilates instructor Kripalu-Inspired Yoga teacher Personal Trainer Yoga for trauma, Yoga for addiction and recovery Early Childhood Educator Rainbow Kids Yoga teacher Girl on Fire Facilitator

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