~High Vibe Message of Light & Love~ Day 4

A little fitness challenge

So today my post is kinda late….. I have been keeping myself busy planning videos for my yoga students and Facebook page (The happy lemon yoga Shala). Also watching the news as I prepare for a family journey to Ontario next week. It is stressful to say the least.

So my thoughts today are to put a little fitness challenge out here for tomorrow. My intention is to go outside for a brisk walk and also to do a HiiT workout. (As well as my yoga practice and my meditation practice- which is what I’m finding most helpful right now!)

So I would like to challenge each of you to do something a little more energetic than usual today. Get your heart pumping!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


So if you would like to do a little high intensity interval training….. to keep it simple, you could go for a brisk walk and try jogging or running for two telephone poles lengths and walk for one. Repeat this 4 to 8 times depending on what your energy level feels like. Or dig out a skipping rope and go out in your driveway and skip for 30 seconds and rest 30 seconds repeat 4 times. These are just a couple easy suggestions if you would like to start there.

So this message is a fitness challenge, you decide what you challenge yourself to! If you would like to post about it in my comments, I would love to read what you challenge yourself to do !

Published by Happylemonyogi

I have been teaching yoga since 2014. With over 5000 hours of teaching and sharing this journey with seekers like you! Pilates instructor Kripalu-Inspired Yoga teacher Personal Trainer Yoga for trauma, Yoga for addiction and recovery Early Childhood Educator Rainbow Kids Yoga teacher Girl on Fire Facilitator

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