~High Vibe Message of Light & Love~Day 5

Restorative Yoga

While we are burdened with so much stress in the world right now we need to find some balance and some peace.

Crystal Garden

Deep breaths are vitally important right now, long deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the nose. Repeat mindful breathing for a few minutes, just focusing on the breath, the sensations of the breath, the sound of your breath….. each time a thought comes to mind, acknowledge and let it pass, give yourself permission to just breathe…..

My favourite restorative posture is legs up the wall.you could practice this posture each evening before bed.

Set the mood…. dim the lights, play some music. My favourite is the Loka Samastah sukhino bhavantu chant, this version is beautiful and 7 minutes long so would give you a nice amount of time for legs up the wall .

Sit your hip beside the wall and as you lay your back down, swing your legs up the wall. Support your head with a small cushion and let your hands rest to the sides with palms facing the sky. 💛 you can keep your legs straight or if that’s too much stretch for your hamstrings for 7 minutes, switch it up…. open the legs wide, bend the knees with feet on the wall or bring the soles of the feet together and open the knees in bound angle pose….. relax….. breathe, and enjoy. Peace.

OM shanti Shanti Shanti

Peace peace peace

Namaste 🙏

Published by Happylemonyogi

I have been teaching yoga since 2014. With over 5000 hours of teaching and sharing this journey with seekers like you! Pilates instructor Kripalu-Inspired Yoga teacher Personal Trainer Yoga for trauma, Yoga for addiction and recovery Early Childhood Educator Rainbow Kids Yoga teacher Girl on Fire Facilitator

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