High Vibe message of Love & Light~Day 11

Gratitude & Appreciation Every morning as I lay in bed and acknowledge the beginning of the new day, I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude. I allow this feeling to build inside me like the excitement and even, anticipation, of a Christmas morning. I realize the amazing gifts in my life and allow myself toContinue reading “High Vibe message of Love & Light~Day 11”

~High Vibe Message of Light & Love~

Routines Day #7 of our mandatory isolation following our trip to Ontario I have always believed in routine and structure, always.,when my children were little we always had special routines to keep everyone organized and I guess I have always followed a routine and I feel I benefit from that in many ways, even moreContinue reading “~High Vibe Message of Light & Love~”

~High Vibe Message of Light & Love~ Day 9

I have done a lot of thinking this past week. With the necessity of travelling to another province during a global pandemic, it has given me a lot of time to think, a lot of perspective from other people and from watching as our country manages such a huge crisis. I realized that it wouldContinue reading “~High Vibe Message of Light & Love~ Day 9”

~High Vibe Message of light & Love~Day 6 -8

So today I think everyone should think about getting outside…. maybe just in your yard if you are quarantine or out walking, while keeping social distancing measures of course! Here is a little fun challenge for outside🦚🌲🎄🌴🌿🍃🌱🌷 Grab a skipping rope and try skipping , if you want to make it real exercise: skip 20Continue reading “~High Vibe Message of light & Love~Day 6 -8”

~High Vibe Message of Light & Love~Day 5

Restorative Yoga While we are burdened with so much stress in the world right now we need to find some balance and some peace. Deep breaths are vitally important right now, long deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the nose. Repeat mindful breathing for a few minutes, just focusing on the breath,Continue reading “~High Vibe Message of Light & Love~Day 5”

~High Vibe Message of Light & Love~ Day 4

A little fitness challenge So today my post is kinda late….. I have been keeping myself busy planning videos for my yoga students and Facebook page (The happy lemon yoga Shala). Also watching the news as I prepare for a family journey to Ontario next week. It is stressful to say the least. So myContinue reading “~High Vibe Message of Light & Love~ Day 4”

High Vibe Messages of Light & Love ~Day 3

Boosting our immune systems https://vm.tiktok.com/pgg9yM/ I think a lot about boosting my immune system and my family’s immune systems at the best of times. So at times like this…. even more. I’ve never been one to believe in using antibacterial soap in my home, I feel we use enough antibacterial products in other ways thatContinue reading “High Vibe Messages of Light & Love ~Day 3”

~High Vibe Message of Light & Love~ Day 2

Protection as Self Care 💛 There are many reasons why we feel the need for protection, and many ways we can protect ourselves. Some things we seek protection for: when travelling to stay safe, from the negative energy and attitudes of others, protection from sickness or harm, protection from the negativity of world news, protectionContinue reading “~High Vibe Message of Light & Love~ Day 2”

~ High Vibe Message of Light & Love~Day 1

A Backyard surprise to make you smile 😊 Sometimes we need a little break from the winter months to remember what springtime feels like…. it feels good, and it’s just around the corner! Deep breath in, count to four….. deep breath out, count to four…… If you can get outside for a few minutes andContinue reading “~ High Vibe Message of Light & Love~Day 1”

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