21 Days of High Vibe Messages of Light & Love

✨ March 16-April 5 ✨

21 days of high vibrational messages during the intense transformation that our world is going through. ✨

As much as we may feel alone while either practicing social distancing or while being self quarantined, we are all in this together. We must remember that. We are all in this together.

So, if you would like to check in every day for 21 days and receive a short message of hope and light, I’m here.

Sending you all light & love ✨💛

Fear of Social-Distancing

The coronavirus has certainly been the talk of the day. Opening our inboxes to find email after email about the measures being taken. The news is all about how many cases there are today and what can we do to prevent the spread.

One Recommendation: social distancing

This is what scares me most. In a time where people are already so disconnected, our youth are on their phones and social media more than they are with their friends. Anxiety in a world full of fear has people becoming more and more disconnected all the time. Now….with the fear of the mass spreading of the coronavirus, many cities, states, provinces have recommended social distancing. Even Starbucks has sent out an email stating that when necessary there will be limited seating inside their cafes to help with social distancing, recommending more ordering online and picking up in store and discouraging the social aspect of “having coffee”. Understandable.


Yoga events such as Wanderlust festivals have been cancelled for the year. Kripalu institute has been closed for 6 weeks. This brings me such sadness. At a time when the world needs more connection we are being forced to disconnect. Understandable, given the circumstances.


Yoga is about connection. Connecting mind and body; body and breath; people to people in community. As we look down at our phones and less into the faces of our loved ones, we slowly become more and more disconnected.

Online yoga classes, virtual courses, workshops and events open up a world of possibility, yes. Also, opens up a world of disconnection to people.

What can we do to strengthen connection to people, to our communities now, when the world is experiencing a state of disconnection ? How will we heal ourselves, as a community, and as a world, when this scare is behind us? What can we do to strengthen connection to our loved ones and friends?

I wish you all good health and peace of mind during this time, and always. I wish you all the love and companionship to fulfill your needs. I wish you all the ability to stay connected to your people during this time.

In light ✨ and love 💛 always

Self Care Sanctuary

The easiest way to show what my self care rituals look like is through a picture journey. These pictures are what self care means to me ✨✨✨

Lunch dates with friends 💕
Daily journaling and planning, writing gratitudes
Juicing for health
Getting inspiration and messages through spirit guides
Catching a beautiful sunrise
Meditative knitting projects
Smudging frankincense for meditation
Indoor gardening and nature therapy
Healthy breakfasts
Morning affirmations from Gabby Bernstein
Time on my yoga mat relaxing, meditating and asana practice
Time outdoors in the fresh air
Lighting a candle and saying a prayer
And there you have it….. Starbucks with friends, family or just alone with a good book

I take self care very seriously! I plan it into every single day. My entire bedroom is a self care sanctuary. My time with my children, my family and my friends is so important to me, and my time alone is often spent taking care of me in the most positive way I know how at the time.

There is something we need to remember, and that is, when life gets hard, I mean really hard, we often forget everything we know about taking care of ourselves, including how to take a deep breath. We need to have positive daily practices in place so they become our norm, so that when the world collapses around us (and sometimes it does) we know just what to do.

How do you take care of yourself? What are your daily self care rituals ? 💛💗💛💗💛💗💛💗💛💗💛💗💛💗

Appreciation Challenge

As we shift our thinking away from all the negativity in the news, as we shift to a state of appreciation and gratitude we shift the energy and vibration in our lives to one of light and beauty. ✨💛

At a time in my life where I want to be in high vibration and surround myself with light and good, it seems like the right time to put out a challenge to others to join in and post about what they appreciate in their lives. So here it is: let’s bring some light to our world by focusing on the good! 😊🍋

Every day write something that you appreciate in your life. You can do this in a journal or if you would like to post a comment here on my blog or on social media tag #appreciationchallenge & #happylemonyogi

I would love to read your appreciations !!

Below see a picture of the appreciation from my preschool yoga classes this morning! ☀️

Appreciation by preschool yogis

If you would like to share something you appreciate today, I would love to read it!

Today I appreciate my safe space, my home, my BoHo Shala & my people 💛

Love is all we need

Back when my teenage son was going through some really big struggles I read a book written by a mother of a Columbine shooter, Sue Klebold. In that book, she said that “love is not enough”. At that time, that really hit me hard. It was like being slapped in the face. It was true. No matter how much I loved my son I couldn’t change what was happening. Love was not enough. That realization really broke my heart. 💔

Lately I have been bombarded by the universe with reminders to love. Truthbombs have told me “teach them to love” , “strategy: start with love”. When it comes to my children, my love runs deep and unconditional. When things get really hard, I have realized that love may not be enough, but somehow, Love is all we need. ❤️✨❤️

Take a deep breath in and bring the feeling of love to your heart, as you breathe out send love out to the world. spend a few moments with this breath, breathing in through the nose, out through the nose. Rest in that feeling of being loved and giving love.

In light & love ✨✨✨

May you all be happy, may you all be free, may you all find peace, may you all love and be loved 💛

Rose quartz -the crystal of unconditional love

Rejection is protection

I am often in a position of speaking with someone I care deeply about who is struggling. By struggling, I don’t mean having a bad day, I mean struggling with life and death situations. The REALLY big stuff. This has taught me a lot.

I have continued my own journey of healing along side my loved one,. I am a seeker. I am always learning and I take my health and my emotional well being very seriously so when I am in a position of being immersed in someone else’s legitimate fear and hardship it naturally lowers my own vibration and my own joy. I have learned how to seek high vibrational activities and people during these times. This allows me to stay anchored in love and not lose myself in the storm around me. I am the ONLY person my loved one has to help guide them back to safety during these times of crisis. That is a lot for me to manage at times.

I recently read something that really resonated with me. Gabby Bernstein said something in her book Super Attractor that I have always said, but reading this made me think about it at a deeper level. Rejection is protection. When we can re-frame disappointment and realize that…. being rejected from a job we wanted or other circumstance, is actually protection from doing something that wasn’t meant to be, or keeping us from accepting something when something much better is just around the corner, to reframe your thinking can really change everything. Reframing our thoughts and being open to rejection as guidance will give you an opportunity to be open to a plan bigger than your own. Thank you Gabrielle Bernstein for this reminder!!!!

I have always been a strong believer that the “universe” has a plan and that what is supposed to happen, will happen., that there are no coincidences. There are many times when I feel like the “universe” has let me down because things are so difficult, but as soon as I notice those feelings I go to my room. Lol that sounds funny, but it’s true. I have created my bedroom to be a true sanctuary, filled with everything I need to pull myself out of despair and into higher vibrational activities and feelings and before long, my light is shining again. When feeling bad, sad or full of fear, find a way to feel good. Yoga encompasses so much of “feeling good” for me. Not just asana. Moving my body on a mat does help me feel better, but smudging, journaling, chanting, praying, lighting a candle, watering my plants, getting creative, knitting, walking in nature, being with people I love are just a few ways that I take yoga off my mat and into my life every day.

So when faced with rejection or disappointment, when things don’t go the way we planned or hoped they would, remember that there is something else waiting for you, so find a way to feel good and let the “universe” get to work in your life .💛

In light & love ✨

My sanctuary

Where is your sanctuary? Where do you go to feel your best? Feel free to leave me a comment below ✨💛

My Inner critic

Every once in a while there is this little voice inside me that says “why me?” Why should people want to come to yoga with me? There are so many yoga teachers, studios, out there who do I think I am ?” That little voice of our inner critic is a nasty little thing…. I mentioned these thoughts to my daughter and this is what she said “you offer something different than most people, you offer a yoga ‘experience’ not a yoga class, it’s about living a yogic life, not just about moving your body on a mat, but what you will do after you walk off that mat.”

My heart sang a little after I heard that. My daughter is a wise young woman.
At The Happy Lemon Yoga Shala you will have a Yoga Experience. 💛

Here is what you can expect :

To learn how to connect mind & body & breath in movement
To learn to use your breath to move but also to manage your strong emotions
To connect to others in a small yoga community
To learn proper alignment for your unique body
To feel empowered by gratitude & community
To hear quotes, chants, meditations and yoga guidance from other yoga teachers and gurus
To experience joy through energetic warm ups, dancing, music and laughing together
To move your body through gentle vinyasa flows, sun salutations, moon salutations and Kriyas
Pranayama and how to work with your breath
To gain upper body strength, core strength and endurance
To gain an understanding of journaling and experience some prompts to take your contemplation off the mat
To gain an understanding about the lunar phases and how they impact our life, emotions and yoga practice You will have opportunities to rest and restore your body through supportive postures and relaxation, through guided meditations and visualizations

That little inner critic lost the battle with me yesterday because I realized that my daughter is right! I am special and unique and I do have something beautiful to offer.

This experience made me realize that when that inner critic pops it’s ugly little head in there and starts talking and we start listening, we should talk to someone we love and tell them about it so they can help guide us back to our own “inner cheerleader” (thanks for that YogaGirl), we usually have everything we need inside of us to stand up against our most damaging bully-ourselves. 💛

In light & Love ✨

My breath stopped short

Once upon a time, a few years ago to be exact, I fell to my knees, I thought my heart would stop beating, the breath stopped short, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t survive the physical pain that accompanied my breaking heart. I could feel my heart, the pain, the heaviness, filled my chest, this is what heartbreak feels like. In the heat of that moment all I could think about was that my breath stopped short, I couldn’t get any oxygen past my throat, I felt like I was suffocating.

This little voice somewhere inside my head told me to slow down, stop, focus, breathe, in through the nose-out through the nose. Start to notice the breaths get deeper and deeper until I could feel the breath expand my lungs once again. Slowly the world stopped spinning, I could focus. I couldn’t stop the flood that was my tears, they continued as if coming from some other source other than from me. But one breath after another until I could feel my knees on the floor. I slowly started to focus a little more until the tears stopped.

I get messages from people who are looking for a private yoga session, or a yoga class, when I ask them what they are looking for, they don’t really know. A friend told them they should go to yoga, a doctor told them to check it out, they aren’t sure why, or what they are looking for but somehow they found themselves sitting face to face with me, breathing. They had no idea that all along what they were truly looking for, was their breath. Somewhere along the way they lost it, like I lost mine.

After teaching yoga for 6 years now, I have come to realize that most people who land on a mat in my studio also find themselves searching for something, but they aren’t sure what it is. Yoga is interesting that way. Yes, it is excellent exercise and increases flexibility, yes it strengthens your core, upper body and spine, but there is something so much deeper than all of that. It’s the connection we find to other people who are also searching and find themselves on a mat, it is the connection to their own body and it is most definitely the connection to their breath.

Is there a time when something took your breath away?💛 If you have lost your way, maybe it’s time for you to find your way to explore what yoga may have for you….

I found this affirmation in a YogaGirl meditation and it really resonated with me

New Moon 🌙 Feb 23

It is through yoga that I grew my interest in astrology and lunar phases. I haven’t done extensive studies but I am interested, I am aware of how the universe affects me and I love the opportunities that the new moon offers.

You know that feeling of a new beginning? Like when school starts up in the Fall or when we see the first signs of fresh Spring leaves budding on the trees? That amazing feeling we get when we do a “Spring cleaning” and clear out unwanted or not-needed items from our lives? Well the new moon can offer us that feeling every single month!!

The new moon is a time to open ourselves up to what we desire in our lives. To let go of that which we carry and make space for that which we desire. How lovely! A beautiful New Moon affirmation is “I am open to guidance and intuition” “I am open to inspiration and my imagination,” (From #spiritdaughter)

Take the time to recognize what you need to let go of in your life, what baggage are you carrying? More importantly; is that baggage yours to carry? What can you let go? What can you set down to make space in your heart and in your life?

Try to stay open to possibility without expectations…. what beautiful opportunities and possibilities lie ahead this month for you?

A beautiful message from my Super Attractor deck from Gabrielle Bernstein

How yoga saves my life…every day

I know that I am not that much different than anyone else, we all have stressful situations and we all have our struggles. In 2011 some things shifted in my life and because of what I was going through at that time I found yoga. I was searching for something, anything, to help me feel better. I was desperate to be able to take a deep breath and feel good. A friend invited me to join her in a hot yoga class and I agreed. That decision changed my life. At the time, I was hurting, a lot. I was hiding my pain from the world and raising three kids. That class turned into a few classes a week and then every day. I quickly became addicted to the “vacation” from my struggles. That lunch hour hot yoga session was just what I needed. This continued for two years. During that time I took my Pilates teacher certification and started teaching Pilates to small groups of women, but something inside me kept telling me that I needed to share yoga with the world. In 2013 I started my yoga teacher training. That year was life changing! I have been sharing yoga ever since and every time I step onto my mat, whether it is to practice or to teach, I feel better. I have had many, many difficult moments over these past 9 years, and the thing that has held me together when I was falling apart, was yoga. I am honoured to have a beautiful little community of women to share my love of yoga with. With gratitude and love. Namaste 🙏 Trish

Shining Bay at my yoga teacher training camp week 2014
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